Tumbler Ridge Archives in development

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation is establishing an Archives to preserve documents, photos, maps, oral histories, and other items that chronicle the history of Tumbler Ridge and the surrounding area, from prior to the development of the coal mines to the present. Glenna MacKenzie has been hired to identify and organize the material, which will be ready by the end of the year.

What?s an Archives? An Archives is a safe haven for the long-term preservation of valuable records. This material reflects the historical, cultural, and business development of the community and would be of interest to anyone researching the history of the area. Preserving records of the town?s past also provides the community with a sense of permanence and belonging. Your 15 minutes of fame, or ?I was there!?

You don?t have to be famous or outstanding in your community to deserve a place in the Archives. Everyone plays a role in the life of the community and everyone?s personal history is a part of the overall history of Tumbler Ridge. Personal documents provide a fascinating glimpse into the past, chronicling important events and relationships in one?s life. Whatever your ?claim to fame?, you are destined for immortality if future generations can view your history.

What?s in your basement? The Archives is interested in hearing from anyone willing to donate personal documents, photos, maps, and other items that reflect their own historical experience. Any material from the area prior to the establishment of Tumbler Ridge is also welcomed. Call Glenna at 242-3466 to find out how donating your items can benefit yourself and the community.

Are your file cabinets full? The Archives is also interested in acquiring non-current records from organizations so that they do not get lost or destroyed. If you have been involved with an organization and would like to deposit unused files in the Archives, call Glenna at 242-3466 to make arrangements.

Libraries hold widely available, published materials (secondary sources) that are about something; archives hold original, generally unpublished, unique records (primary sources) that are from someone.

The emphasis for now is on the Archives. However, the TRMF will eventually also develop a Museum when there are enough resources and space to collect them.

Meanwhile, please consider ensuring the preservation of your documents and photos by donating them to the Archives. Call Glenna at 242-3466 for more information.

IDEAS: Identify, Donate, Evaluate, Archive, Smile!

Identify: look through your personal papers to see if any could be of historical interest. Donate: give your items to the Archives to keep as your personal historical record. Evaluate: find out what the Archives will do with your material and how useful it will be. Archive: visit the Archives after it?s established to see your important items. Smile:be happy that you have made a contribution to Tumbler Ridge?s past and future Questions? Call Glenna at 242-3466.