The 2007 Wolves Cross Country Running Series has wrapped up. Seven races have been held across the Peace Region, including the Ridge Ramble in Tumbler Ridge. To qualify for places and awards, athletes need to participate in at least three of the races. Once again, Tumbler Ridge athletes did themselves and their community proud.

 In the Girls Grade 1-3 category Julie Schlief again clamed first place, as did her brother Tyler in the Boys Grade 4-6 category. Both of them posted the maximum possible number of thirty points.

 The depth of Tumbler Ridge running is most evident in the Girls Grade 7-9 division. Here Laura Sharman, Carina Helm, Natalie Sharman and Kelsey Legault managed a clean sweep, achieving the first four places respectively.

 In the Boys Grade 10-12 group, Daniel Helm grabbed third, Hiroki Tanashita 6th and Braden Watt 8th, while in the Girls Grade 10-12 Tiffany Hetenyi took 6th.

 In the Women?s Masters category Birgit Sharman came third, Linda Helm 5th and Sandra Schlief 7th, while Charles Helm attained first place amongst the Men?s Masters.

It has been a fulfilling and most enjoyable season for all the Tumbler Ridge runners, and the team has made great strides this year.