Sunday 11 September half a dozen runners and walkers from Tumbler Ridge went to Chetwynd to take part in the annual Chetwynd Half Marathon. This challenging 21.4 km course includes a big hill just past halfway, which inspires dread in the brains of most competitors. There were just under 100 entries from around the region.

Birgit Sharman showed off her ever-improving running form and was delighted with her first half marathon time, under two hours. She finished second in one hour 59 minutes 17 seconds.

Janette Dixon walked further than she has ever walked before and did very well to finish second in the walking event in three hours 33 minutes. Close behind was Diane Perry in three hours 34 minutes. It would have been a Tumbler Ridge clean sweep if winner Ray Clark still lived here (he moved to Chetwynd a year ago).

The Helm family teamed up to win the relay event: Daniel, Carina and Charles Helm recorded the fastest time of the day – 1 hour 31-55.

The weather was great and the race was very well organized and the lunch was both delicious and healthy. All in all a great day for the Tumbler Ridge participants and for road-running in the Peace.