Tumbler Ridge Babysitters Score High Marks

The Tumbler Ridge campus of Northern Lights College was teeming with ?tweens?, plastic babies and juice boxes as the Red Cross Babysitter Training program took place on April 2, 3 and 4.

As a certified Red Cross instructor and local lifeguard, Anne More is used to the noise and activity level of a dozen kids, yet the unusually warm sunshine outside proved strong competition for the students? attention during the 10-hour weekend course.

Still, in spite of a large class size and high energy levels, all 13 students achieved excellent marks ? the best overall class performance Anne has seen in her years as an instructor, she said. Now, armed with official Red Cross certificates, the students are eager to gain some practical experience.

Anne sees value in introducing her students to real live babies and so arranged drop-in visits from 18-month-old Kelly Kirby, daughter of Councilor Pernell Kirby and wife Joanne, and 3-month-old Hannah Fry, daughter of Dwayne and Shannon Fry. Older sister Crystal was a student in the class and proudly displayed her seasoned babysitting talents to her classmates.

Red Cross Babysitter Training is available in Tumbler Ridge at both NLC and the Community Centre.