Tumbler Ridge Badminton Tournament

On Saturday May 12 the Tumbler Ridge Badminton Tournament was held at the TRSS.

With a total of 44 players giving their best, the tournament was an exciting event for players as well as spectators. 54 matches were played from 9 o?clock in the morning until well past 6 in the evening. The finals of the various categories were the highlight of the day with at times spectacular displays of technical ability.

The skill levels of the competitors varied from novices to experts which gave the Tumbler Ridge beginners and youth the opportunity to view the tricks of the trade from the more experienced players.

With competitors from Prince George, Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie and Tumbler Ridge, the organizing volunteers of the local Monday night Badminton drop-in can look back on a well run and successful tournament, an achievement to be proud of.

This tournament would not have been possible without the help and support from the TRSS and our sponsors. Therefore we would like to thank the TRSS for being there when most needed and our sponsors for providing refreshments during the day and wonderful prices:

Tournament results:

·Youth Doubles:

1.Evan Ollenberger & Conner Pewarchuk (Dawson Creek)

2.Ryan & Edward Cole (Dawson Creek)

3.Adam & Carlson Traverse (Tumbler Ridge)

·Ladies Singles:

1.Patty Wadson (Prince George)

2.Michelle Walsh (Tumbler Ridge)

3.Cathy Cole (Dawson Creek)

·Mens Singles:

2.Devin Letourneau (Grande Prairie)

3.Chris Wadson (Prince George)

4.Paul Geist (Dawson Creek)

·Mixed Doubles:

6.Chris Wadson & Chino Harazono (Prince George)

7.Roxy Honing & Paul Geist (Dawson Creek)

8.Julie Cox & Devin Letourneau (Tumbler Ridge + Grande Prairie)

·Ladies Doubles:

10.Judy Pandachuck & Roxy Honing (Dawson Creek)

11.Cathy Cole & Bonnie Anderson (Dawson Creek)

12.Patty Wadson & Chino Harazono (Prince George)

·Mens Doubles:

1.Ajit Dayanandan & Devin Letourneau (Prince George & Grande Prairie)

2.Paul Geist & Wade Young (Dawson Creek)

3.Chris Wadson & Gary Wadson (Prince George)