With last week?s heavy rain (over 130 millimetres) and floods, Tumbler Ridge?s waterfalls were in full spate. This made for some interesting photo ops for those prepared to go out and run the trails in the wet conditions.

Through the Job Opportunities Program, a work crew has been employed to upgrade the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society hiking trails, and the regional Forest Recreation Sites. Special attention is being paid to the waterfall trails, so that in 2010 Tumbler Ridge can be marketed to tourists as a thrilling waterfall destination. This is increasingly being recognized – in a recently published book by Tony Greenfield on BC?s top 100 waterfalls, with ten chapters covering regions in the province, Tumbler Ridge was the only community to merit its own chapter!

The Bergeron Falls trail is getting a major overhaul and improvement, and a proposal has been submitted to the Community Adjustment Fund to employ a work crew to construct a hut for hikers. Making northern BC?s highest accessible waterfall an overnight hiking destination will be another major attraction for Tumbler Ridge.