Tumbler Ridge Bear Aware Program

You probably can?t see the smoke coming out of my ears but believe me I was hopping mad when I came across this site. This is what I found in our local woods, across from the high school and close to the Grizfest grounds. The site is also in the home range of one of our resident black bears. I call him Yogi.

Now some of you would be mad because it?s unsightly; others because it is a disgusting treatment of the wilderness; some of you because it reflects unlawful activity but me, I?m mad for Yogi. He?s a bear. His nose is way more powerful than a dog?s and if the stench of stale beer almost knocked me over when I investigated the site, imagine Yogi!

So you?re thinking ?So what Bear Guy? He licks a few bottles, munches a few chip bags and that?s that?.


Bears like a good time as much as anybody and the smell of a party brings them round to see what?s cooking. Well what?s ?cooking? in this case is the extremely strong smell of beer, sweet and fattening. Just right for Yogi.

Remember that for a bear, it?s all about survival: fattening up, growing stronger and larger to have the first crack at feeding spots and breeding rights. Food = Survival. That?s the name of the game. They need it and will invent anything to get it.

In fact, bears mate in May-June but the female won?t actually become pregnant until she begins to hibernate. She holds the fertilized egg in a sort of suspension. If she?s had enough to eat and accumulated enough body fat to sustain herself and the cubs (which will be born in the den), then and only then will she impregnate. Wow.

Now getting back to the problem: our local members of the RCMP are charged with defending public safety and that means unfortunately shooting a bear who is dangerously close to the Grizzfest grounds. THAT?S what made me so angry. To think that Yogi would have been shot so a bunch of loosers could drink it up in the bush. I met two of the members at the site on Southgate where Yogi had been spotted and as they patrolled with shotguns, I headed into the bush to convince Yogi that a weekend away fishing was a better idea than becoming a rug. Now YOU try and convince a mature fully grown black bear that he shouldn?t be around for Grizzfest! Chasing him around kept me cold and wet all weekend but he?s alive and well. His feeling were hurt for not being invited to the party but he?s alive.

The other danger here is that Yogi might become human food-conditioned if he gets into the garbage left by these idiots. I?ve written about this many times. Once a bear gets into our food, it?s just like heroine: he?s hooked. What does that mean? It means the last thing Yogi will ever hear will be the sound of a shot gun blast as one of our peace officers ends his life as he?s become aggressive or dangerous due to our stupidity.

Wake up Tumbler Ridge!

?Till next week, bear with me.