Tumbler Ridge By-election – Pernell Kirby

This series is an introduction to the candidates running in the Tumbler Ridge Municipal By-election: Bill Hendley, Pernell Kirby, Wayne Kopec, Rob MacKay Brian Sipe, Florence Stirling, The community will have an opportunity to meet the candidates at the ALL CANDIDATES FORUM, on February 12, at 7:00 pm in the Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary Gym. If you have a question for the candidates, please email to mail@tumblerridgenews.com or fax to 242-5340 or give the office a call at 242-5343. Questions we receive will be compiled for Michael Hunter, who will be the moderator at the Forum, and who will address the question(s) to the candidates. Your question must be relevant to municipal government.

Why are you running for Council?

I am running for council because I feel that there will be a lot of important decisions that Town Hall will have to make in the near future. These decisions will set the foundation of how Tumbler Ridge will grow, develop and prosper. Example would be expansion of the town, which includes boundaries, commercial area, industrial area, business area and residential area. Tourism will also play an important factor. I am excited to work together with council and the Economic Development Officer to diversify and develop our local economy.

2. What Specific Skills, Abilities And Knowledge Would You Bring To The Position O F Counsellor, And How Will They Assist You To Fulfill You Duties If Elected?

My specific qualities would be dealing with the public, business and management skills, listening to the wants and needs of others, living here for the past 8 years and knowing the town and surrounding area.

3. What Plans Or Initiatives Would You Like To See The District Involved With?

I would like to see the town get involved more with big business. Also promoting small business that could supply the Oil and Gas Industry which is active in our area.

4. What Community Organizations Or Activities Have You Been Involved With? Here Of Elsewhere?

I am the president of the TDK Club, a member of both the golf course and curling club, Chamber of Commerce when active. Also a director for the 27 Tags independent stores in western Canada.

5. If You Are Successful, What Do You Believe Your Greatest Challenges Will Be?

I think my greatest challenges would be to get small business, then big business to move to our community, because without small businesses like bulk plants, equipment rental, supplies stores, big businesses will not come. Once we have them here, residents could be put to work which would spin-off to businesses like clothing stores, furniture stores, variety stores, electronic stores and so on. This is one of my goals, to see Tumbler Ridge self-efficient. For this is also the future for my family as well as yours.

HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE CANDIDATES? Email us your question to mail@tumblerridgenews.com, or fax to 242-5340 or give us a call at 242-5343.

Your questions will be put to the candidates at the All Candidates Forum on

February 12, at the High school at 7:00 pm.

This is a community service announcement.