Tumbler Ridge By-Elections – Bill Hendley

1. Why are you running for office?

I see the vacancy on council as an opportunity to make a difference in the future of Tumbler Ridge. Innovative and creative actions are required, while at the same time meeting the present municipal mandate of providing and maintaining services. I believe council will be shifting from a maintenance mode, to a creative mode and I would like to be a part of that team. I know I can make a difference if elected.

2.What specific skills, abilities, and knowledge would you bring to the position of councillor, and how would they assist you to fulfill your duties if elected?

Having served two previous terms on council, I would be able to quickly get up to speed with the present council. In the past, I have motivated people to work together toward a common goal. I look for a person?s strengths and talents then incorporate them into a team effort toward the desired result. I also serve as a director for TR on the Peace River Regional District and worked on some things that we benefit from today: 911: paving of Hwy #29 & #52: cell phone service and the solution to save Tumbler Ridge following the closure of the mines.

3.What plans or initiatives would you like to see the District involved with?

The OCP (Official Community Plan) needs to be updated. Many of the issues that council faces would be addressed if this plan were properly formed and enforced. For example: the issue of the setback and the ability to put porches on houses will be determined here. Communication between the public and council has always been a struggle, but it must be improved. I want to see council more aceaccessible and user friendly.

4. What community organizations or activities have you been involved with?

Here or elsewhere?

The list is longer than space will permit and who likes a boaster? Some of what I do is international, national, provincial, regional and local. I am active with church and humanitarian groups. The current project is called T.R. C.A.R.E.S. (Tumbler Ridge Community Association Responding to Extended Services) this society will improve our capacity to help people beyond the provision of government programs. IE: Palliatives and Hospice Program.

5. If you are successful, what do you believe your greatest challenge will be?

The greatest challenge will be to convince the existing council that I am a team player and have the same aspirations as they do for the success of our community. The second challenge is to deliver on what I have already committed myself to do for you, the citizens of Tumbler Ridge.

HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE CANDIDATES? Email us your question to mail@tumblerridgenews.com, or fax to 242-5340 or give us a call at 242-5343.

Your questions will be put to the candidates at the All Candidates Forum on

February 12, at the High school at 7:00 pm.

This is a community service announcement.