Tumbler Ridge By-Elections – Brian Sipe, Candidate

This series is an introduction to the candidates running in the Tumbler Ridge Municipal By-election: Bill Hendley, Pernell Kirby, Wayne Kopec, Rob MacKay Brian Sipe, Florence Stirling, The community will have an opportunity to meet the candidates at the ALL CANDIDATES FORUM, on February 12, at 7:00 pm in the Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School gym. If you have a question for the candidates, please email to mail@tumblerridgenews.com or fax to 242-5340 or give the office a call at 242-5343. Questions we receive will be compiled for Michael Hunter, who will be the moderator at the Forum, and who will address the question(s) to the candidates. Your question must be relevant to municipal government.

Brian Sipe, Candidate

1. Why are you running for Council?

I believe I can contribute positively to the Council and administration team, to Shape the Future for Tumbler Ridge. My only promise to you the voter is that I will utilized my skills and talents to benefit us as a vibrant community opened to all who have a sincere desire to live here. I retired in 1997 from a 34- year career as Data Processing Professional primarily in financial institutions.

2.What specific skills, abilities, and knowledge would you bring to the position of councillor, and how would they assist you to fulfill your duties if elected?

The last 17 years of my work experience involved managing projects and creating new departments for a provincial bank in Alberta. As a result I have an extensive set of skills and abilities to draw upon. Defining projects, deliverables, establishing goals and objectives, measuring results, and developing results based activities are all skills I have which can be directly applied to my role as a councilor.

3. What Plans Or Initiatives Would You Like To See The District Involved With?

I would like to see the district: Eliminate roadblocks to business startups Target market the business?s we need to service our citizens and resource industry. Provide regular public forums for citizen input and feedback before major project decisions are made. Establish a public taskforce/commission to examine all bylaws to bring them into line with our new demographics and changing purpose. Utilize information from consultant studies and surveys conducted in this community over the past three years.

4. What community organizations or activities have you been involved with? Here or elsewhere?

I have been very involved in service to my church and community since 1985 in many leadership roles, and being retired I can spend more time in the area of municipal affairs to extend my service to the larger community. My commitment to organization has resulted in my holding the following volunteer positions:

Knights of Columbus Grand Knight,

Society of St Vincent de Paul

President at local district and regional levels

Currently: President Tumbler Ridge Arts Council

Vice- Chair Tourism Advisory Commission

Chair Tumbler Ridge Days Society

Active Member in Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee


TR Prayer Canada

TR Community Choral Group

Men?s Fellowship Breakfasts Chair of sub-committee developing TRCARES

Board Member of Renaissance Canada Inc.

TR Thrift Store, Director of Store Operators

5. If you are successful, what do you believe your greatest challenges will be?

My greatest challenge as a councillor will be to find the balance between the wishes of you the electorate and the needs of the community to sustain the quality of services that drew many of us here without moving us into deficit spending or substantially changing our present tax level.

HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE CANDIDATES? Email us your question to mail@tumblerridgenews.com, or fax to 242-5340 or give us a call at 242-5343.

Your questions will be put to the candidates at the All Candidates Forum on

February 12, at the High school at 7:00 pm.

This is a community service announcement.