Tumbler Ridge By-Elections – Florence Stirling

This series is an introduction to the candidates running in the Tumbler Ridge Municipal By-election: Bill Hendley, Pernell Kirby, Wayne Kopec, Rob MacKay Brian Sipe, Florence Stirling, The community will have an opportunity to meet the candidates at the ALL CANDIDATES FORUM, on February 12, at 7:00 pm in the Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School gym. If you have a question for the candidates, please email to mail@tumblerridgenews.com or fax to 242-5340 or give the office a call at 242-5343. Questions we receive will be compiled for Michael Hunter, who will be the moderator at the Forum, and who will address the question(s) to the candidates. Your question must be relevant to municipal government.

1.Why are you running for office?

I am running for council because I would like to bring to the town my ability to be a team player and I?m up for any challenge that?s put in front of me, and would like to be a part of helping Tumbler Ridge prosper. I would be a fresh look with some new solutions to keep Tumbler Ridge the finest place in the world to live.

2.What specific skills, abilities, and knowledge would you bring to the position of councillor, and how would they assist you to fulfill your duties if elected?

I have very good management skills and a willingness to take on any new challenges. I have coordinated and carried out follow-up reports, I?ve been an administrative assistant working in a resource development department doing data entry and I have owned and operated my own business. These all show that I?m very versatile and can work with a group or on my own.

3.What plans or initiatives would you like to see the District involved with?

I would like to see the district involved in working with the Museum Foundation and having the first full time Paleontologist in B.C., so we can continue to work with the dinosaur finds. I would also like to see them continue to push forward with the tourism, and I would also like to see them get involved with the youth to see what the youths can do to get involved with things they would like to see happen for them.

4. What community organizations or activities have you been involved with?

Here or elsewhere?

I am a member of the Ladies Auxiliary, Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society, 49 Forever, 49 Forever Wednesday afternoon meets. I?m involved with C.O.P. I do aqua fit three days a week and will be out collecting for the Heart and Stroke. I?ve been a Sunday School Teacher and a Teacher?s Aide for grades Two and Three. My biggest and newest commitment is to put together a new committee and work on raising funds for our September long weekend of Family Days.

5. If you are successful, what do you believe your greatest challenge will be?

My greatest challenges will be to be successful at whatever I will be involved with big or small.

HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE CANDIDATES? Email us your question to mail@tumblerridgenews.com, or fax to 242-5340 or give us a call at 242-5343.

Your questions will be put to the candidates at the All Candidates Forum on

February 12, at the High school at 7:00 pm.

This is a community service announcement.