Tumbler Ridge By-elections ? meet the candidates

Hi, my name is Don McPherson and I am a candidate for councillor in the upcoming by election.

A bit of background?I was a contractor at Quintette Coal before the town of Tumbler Ridge was established. I moved here in1981 and in 1988 I took over the Shell station which I ran until 2006. I am now a contractor in the oil and gas industry.

During my years here I have ventured into tourism and had a successful boat tour business and I have also served on council for five years.

I have seen Tumbler Ridge through the high times and the lows, it is my home and I want to do all I can to see it flourish.

I am running for council because I don?t like the direction the town is going in. It seems that Tumbler Ridge is a town in recession in the middle of a boom.

I feel it should be a main objective of council to attract new business to town, to build and maintain an amicable working relationship with those business and industry that are already established. We can?t stop progress. If we look for a compromise between the resource industry, environmental and recreational issues we will all benefit.

I would like to see a more productive council with the reappointment of portfolios so that there is a definite involvement and connection of council in the community that it was elected to serve.

I feel that I am the best candidate for councillor. My experience as a business man , a ?blue collar worker?, a seasoned councillor and as a long time resident of this great big little town of Tumbler Ridge give an insight that is needed to get back on track and get growing.