Tumbler Ridge By-elections ? meet the candidates

Values and Principles

We are privileged to live in Tumbler Ridge. We are a unique community with unique benefits, opportunities, and challenges. As residents, businesses, and organizations, we are responsible for the future of our town. We must have effective, fair, and open local government to support us in maintaining and improving our economy, environment, personal health, and social well-being.


To protect and improve our community, we must work together. As time passes, we should become prouder of where we live and more confident in our future. Council work requires courage and belief in a positive outcome for all citizens.

Experience and Training

My consulting practice is currently bringing global and regional perspectives and improvements to our economy and lifestyle. Education, specialized training, and years of experience in government and community project management have prepared me for cooperation and leadership on your behalf.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Attitudes

Managing government projects and policy developments has shown me how government works best in practice – locally, provincially, and federally. I have also worked in the private sector and recognise the challenges faced in dealing with government. There is a balanced way to see how the interests of both sides of a conflict can be served. In Tumbler Ridge, my community research, analysis, reporting, and advising have put me in close touch with local values, ambitions, and challenges. In business, local government, social and economic development, sport, art, and recreation, fair and timely solutions are needed to avoid frustration and achieve success.

To understand the full range of interests in any issue, we need to listen carefully to everyone. The decisions we make as a community affect us all, and we need to be sensitive, thoroughly informed, and fair. Clear, patient and honest communication will bring out our best.

What will I contribute as a Councillor?

Tumbler Ridge deserves dedicated, fair-minded, effective Councillors. Town Hall needs to maintain our trust and regain the respect of those of us who may be disappointed. I will bring relevant experience, ethical principles, our shared community values, and respect for your point of view to every conversation, every meeting, every article, every policy, and every decision. Respectful communication is my first rule, and I expect it from Councillors, Town administration, and every resident. Lately, collaboration within Council has been less than it could be, and a calming, results-oriented influence would do us all a world of good.

How can you help improve our community?

Please, please vote. Our community, Mayor and current Councillors should know that whoever we choose in this by-election has our strong support. That will help empower our two new Councillors to contribute the improvements they want to make. It will help Council get things done. It will bring a fresh perspective and allow unity, focus, and decisiveness to arise from a wider diversity of ideas than are being considered right now.

Please call me, at 242-1718, and tell me what you think and feel. If you need help getting to the polls on voting day, I will ensure that you get there safely and comfortably.


Ryan Murray, Candidate