Tumbler Ridge By-elections ? meet the candidates

I moved to Tumbler Ridge in 1986 and together with my husband Jason, have raised 5 children here.

My background is in social work and emergency management. I am currently working on a certificate in Conflict Resolution with the Justice Institute. I have spent the past 15 years working with the youth of TR first as a school based youth worker and more recently with the Youth Conference. Volunteering is important to me and I try to volunteer regularly within the community.

On a provincial level I was the North East Regional Rep for Disaster Emergency Social Services Association, and currently work with the Provincial Mobile Support Team (disaster response), Red Cross Disaster Services and have responded to numerous disaster responses locally, provincially and nationally. These positions have given me an opportunity to work in a leadership capacity at many levels.

Why I am Running

I believe that Tumbler Ridge is at a crossroads, on the cusp of potential growth that could have us bursting at the seams in terms of resources within and outside the community. I feel that my education and experience in working with the Provincial Emergency Program, Emergency Social Services, Restorative Justice, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and as an RCMP Victims Service Worker provide me with the credentials to serve this community well. Why am I running? To serve the town I have called home for the last two decades and to ensure that the residents are represented by my voice on council.

Why vote for me?

At the heart of any community is the idea of communication. The two words come from the same root that means a sharing of information, of responsibility between many. But there is a disconnect between the citizens of this town and the people who serve it. My role has always been that of mediator and facilitator. I will be your voice on council. When you vote for me, you?re voting for a chance to be heard. You?re voting for integrity and impartiality. You?re voting for change.

I can?t promise things will be different over night, but you can be assured I will work diligently to ensure your trust and respect.