Residents in this community are patriotic when it comes to Canada Day, and serious about their pets. This year we had about 40 entries in the pet parade, with pets and owners registering in the Shop Easy Parking lot. Our diversity of pets included Lily, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo who has a job and goes to work daily to the museum, to Victoria, a Mammoth Ass owned by Crys White.

Pets and owners were dressed up for the occasion, wearing flags and scarves and generally presenting a flood of red and white images.

Thanks to our sponsors, PALS, Vinnies Video, and The Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic for the prizes. Winner Kyla Guske shared her prize with friends and neighbours, and Larry White donated his to local seniors who also shared the animal treats.

We had the SPCA come up for the day from Dawson Creek, bringing animals up for adoption, and offering pet and owner prints as a fund raiser. We would like to thank Tracey Storoschuk, SPCA Branch Manager for making the trip possible, and we hope to see them in 2010 for Canada Day.