Tumbler Ridge celebrates June graduates

From the very littlest, getting ready for kindergarten, to the grade 12?s who celebrate completing their highschool education, moving into an adult world, Tumbler Ridge is proud of you! This issue of Tumbler Ridge News is dedicated to our graduates. A special thanks to our advertisers for their support in bringing this issue to you.

On June 13th, 21 children from the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre Preschool celebrated their graduation at the Children?s Centre facility. About 100 parents, brothers, sisters, and extended family members watched proudly as the children danced and sang in three performances. When it came time for the ?diplomas? to be handed out, there was a busy whirl of activity with each family snapping precious pictures of their child receiving their very first diploma.

Joanne Kirby, Preschool President, listed some of the accomplishments that the playschool has financially achieved in the last year such as $17,000 in playground equipment that will be installed throughout the summer, and $22,000 in equipment and learning supplies. Kirby said that the school has 68 children registered for playschool in the fall and the daycare facility will be open for the first time throughout the summer months.

Kirby closed by thanking the parents for coming and the preschool/daycare director Jodi Penner and staff for a job well done. Flowers were given to the teacher and assistants by the preschool board members. A light lunch followed in the preschool courtyard.

The children from the preschool graduating class of 2007 are:

Noah Budz, Kelly Kirby, Angelina Ruel Filip Slepcev, Piper Gardner, Kimberly Smith, Keona Osbourne, Devin Redford, Courtney Pilgrim, Jesse Dyer, Colby Dell, Lily Kornelsen, Jade Reid, Keenan Mecredi, Anna McBain, Kailey Wells, Jessie Verge, Hannah McCarthy, Ethan Hynes, Emma Tobin and Taimi Trimble