Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Tena and Carl came to check out this small town they heard so much about in the Spring of 2002. Tena Said ?they immediately fell in love with this beautiful place and it?s friendly people and made arrangements to purchase one of the houses they had looked at while here?. As they had commitments at their home in Buffalo Head Prairie, AB (75 miles SE of High Level), they came here on weekends and holidays until 2004 when they moved here permanently.

Friesen?s soon found out that there was no laundromat in town, as they had big family gatherings, with everyone going swimming and camping. Tena and Carl had often talked about going into business and this seemed like a good opportunity. ?A laundromat would suit us well Tena said? ?Our idea was to get it set up, unlock the door in the morning, come back at night, clean up and go home.? So Tumbler Ridge Laundromat was born, it opened to the public October 5, 2007. ?We soon realized that a Drop Off Service was needed? Tena said, so changes were made, a Drop of Service was opened and now you will find someone there for assistance during their hours of business.

The Laundromat provides: Drop Off Service where you can drop off your laundry and pick it up later (minimum of 24 hours) or they also provide an express service (minimum of four hours ? under 24 hours) Linen Service, Drying/folding/washing, 16 regular laundromat washers (larger than most residential machines); Two 40 lb washers and one 30 lb washer: Twelve triple load dryers.

It also provides a soap, bleach and softner dispenser, a stack of laundry baskets and a couple of laundry carts to move your laundry hen you are in doing your own laundry at their facility. They also have a billing system available.

The laundromat is sparkling clean, all washers are cleaned after each use to remove any debris or odours. There are specific machines for coveralls and greasy oily, excessive dirty clothing, so that anyone doing laundry will never get dirty spots on their normal laundry.

The Tumbler Ridge Laundromat is located at 135 Commercial Park, next to Joy Propane. They are open Monday through Saturday 9:00-6:00 pm.

Tena says ?come check us out, we would appreciate your business?

Tena and Carl, the Chamber of Commerce is so glad you joined the Team, and we are very glad you opened a business that was needed in Tumbler Ridge. All the best to you.