Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Creative Peace 2008

The new member of Chamber of Commerce, Terry Lansdowne Foundation (TLF), moves quickly towards its declared goals and mission. Led by non-judgmental, non-political, non-evaluative operating principles all TLF activities are designed to make a contribution to better the quality of life for single individuals, community and eventually the society.

The foundation is based on the observation that everything we experience in the world around us is the result of actions from individuals.

The Terry Lansdowne Foundation encourages people through information and workshops to explore their talents and gain information to take responsibility for their lives through informed choices. Creativity as a basic human quality is needed for win-win solution.

The next event organized by the TLF is the Creative Peace 2008 August 15th to 17th. This is a new annual event and attraction for Tumble Ridge. The public are invited to attend three days of workshops held by knowledgeable facilitators from the region.

Lectures on writing, communication, wealth management, goal-setting and workshops in painting, music, health and body work are scheduled by regional facilitators.

The presentations are:

?Dr.Charles Helm, ?Writing as a Quest for Global Balance? and a slide show of Exploring Tumbler Ridge.

?Sardina Harwood, ?Communication in the 21st Century?

?Christabelle Kux-Kardos,

?Joyce Lee, Inviting Prosperity? an introduction to the Law of Attraction

?Darcy Jackson, ?Playing with Colour

?Mila Landowne, Silk Painting Workshop

?Trent Ernst, noted writer and photographer presents ?A Double Edged Sword?

?Rita Kostaluk, Balancing Chakras

?Crys White, Don?t Look Back

?Brenda Banham, Wealth Management

?Karen Kristianson, Visioning

?Charmaine Shirley MH. CHT Certified Hypnotherapist, A Better You!? Visioning workshop

Guests of Honour for the 2008 Creative Peace are George and Janet Hartford.

Music and dance performance are also presented. The Riding Thunder Dancers will come to dance in the beautiful natural setting at the Gwillim Lake Educational Centre site.

No experience is needed to participate in this affordable event. It is pre-registration only. To register online, visit www.TLF-Peace.org, e-mail to mila@persona.ca or pick up a registration form at the TR Library and the Visitor Centre.