Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Member News:

Members interested in Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce (TRCC) benefit packages (disability/extended health) can contact Annemarie Haapala @ 250-782-6955 direct. A. Haapala will be attending a (TRCC) luncheon in the near future, TBA.

Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce is in the process of hiring a secretary/receptionist. This position will be filled by March 1st and will enable members a contact and location to access chamber information or address concerns.

TR Chamber of Commerce and Council met February 3rd @ 7:00 pm to discuss CMHC stipulations for TR real estate, Business Directory, Office space and staffing.

Upcoming Events:

Winter Fest Parade

Friday, February 11 @ 6:00 ? 7:00 pm

Participants to meet @ Legion between 5:00 & 5:30 pm

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, February 15th@ TR Inn 7:00 pm

Monday, February 28th*Luncheon @ Sheila?s Place12:30 ? 1:00 pm

Open Discussion 1:00 ? 1:15 pm

Regular TRCC Agenda follows: 1:15 ? *Please note: Luncheon must be pre-booked by calling establishment no later than Friday, February 25th (pm).


Minutes can be picked up at the TRCC office or can be viewed on the TR News Webpage.

Anyone interested in becoming a TRCC member can pick applications at the office.

Job Descriptions and Resumes to be dropped off or picked up @ TRCC location.

Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce is now located at the Tourism Booth.