Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Regular Meeting of Council,

July 18th, 2005 Present: Mayor Iles, Councillor Colledge, Councillor Kirby, Councillor McPherson, Councillor Way,

1.Mayor Iles called the meeting to order at 7PM.

2.Adoption of Minutes

a)Minutes Approved for the Regular Meeting of Council of June 20, 2005

b)Minutes of the Special Meeting of June 28th, 2005

c)Minutes of the Annual Special Meeting of June 28th, 2005

4.Business Arising from the Minutes:

5. Correspondence: a) City of Burnaby, Re: Agricultural Land Reserve. b) Tumbler Ridge Circle of Friendship, thanking Council for their donation of 30 swim passes to the Circle of Friendship First Aboriginal Day.

6. Staff Reports: Motions were made to accept the following reports for June 2005: (please note exceptions)

a) Chief Administrative Officer report for June 20th, June 27th and July 4th, 2005. b) Accounts Payable $417,661.76. c) Public Works Department -April and May, 2005. d) Fire Department e) Community Services – f) Economic Development G) Visitor Information Booth Status Report.

7. Bylaws: a) Third reading of Bylaw 498, 2005 ?Official Community Plan Bylaw.? b)First three readings of Bylaw 500, 2005 ?A bylaw to provide for the appointment of Municipal Officers.

Bylaw no. 500 has been drafted concerning the appointment of municipal officers by Bylaw, pursuant to the regulatory requirements contained in the Community Charter. The bylaw is an update from previous requirements and also contains the new local government titles as provided in the legislation.

c) First three readings of Bylaw 501, 2005 a bylaw pursuant to the financial disclosure act (R.S.B.C. 1996, Chapter 139).? The Financial Disclosure Act requires that persons, elected, appointed, or employed by local governments, disclose certain financial information on an annual basis. With regard to those persons appointed or employed, the governing body of the local government may by bylaw designate those employee positions that should disclose financial information.

A bylaw to provide for the road closure and removal of road dedication. Council approved the sale of the portion of a closed road allowance adjacent to lot 150, plan 29398 to Greg and Eloise Herman. It has been brought to our attention that the portion of the road was closed in 1986 and that portion of the road was sold to Edma Holdings (Quintette), however in 2000 with the properties being turned back to the District, the District received the portion of the closed road. In order for the District to complete the sale of the above-mentioned land a bylaw is required by the District of Tumbler Ridge verifying the road closure and the sale of the land.

7. New Business: a) Recommendation that the Council of the District of TR provide the South Peace Economic Development Commission with the following: a letter advising of the District?s intention to participate in the South Peace Economic Development Commission, and the name of a Council memberand an alternate representative to sit as a representative. Mayor Iles suggested he remain as the representative and that Councillor Kirby be appointed as alternate. Approved.

b) Recommendation that Council approve the District of Tumbler Ridge Emergency Response Plan 2005. Motion carried.

c) Motion to enter into a contract with Custom Communications and Security to replace the District telephone system for a cost within the capital budgeted amount of thirty five thousand dollars (35,000) Motion carried.

d) Motion that the District of Tumbler Ridge set a flat lease rate for the area being utilized by the Shanco Camp Services at $10,000/month and approve the attached lease agreement to reflect this change. Motion carried.

e) Motion made that Council give direction to move the soccer posts up the field to create a better soccer facility, as well as a five lane grass running track, and that the money come from the $10,000 Truesport donation. Discussion followed explaining that the cost of this would be just over $1000. Motion carried.

f) Motion that Council enter into a contract with Chubb Security to upgrade the Community Centre security camera system for a cost within the capital budgeted amount of ten thousand dollars (10,000). Motion carried.

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g)Motion that Aleen Torraville be appointed District of Tumbler Ridge Deputy Chief Election Officer for the 2005 Municipal Election. Motion carried.

h)Motion that Council approve the seismic program proposed by Brimel Exploration Services Inc. with the following conditions attached:

a) off-road access on line KEL 05-03 from Highway 52 must be prevented, and b) measures must be taken to minimize the visual impact of the KEL 05-03 line from Highway 52 and that Council give direction to the CAO to articulate the approved conditions to Brimel Exploration Services so that they may move forward with the program. Motion carried.

i)Motion that Council approve the road closure request from the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce for the Grizfest Parade on July 31, 2005 and direct the Public Works Department to close off the roads specified in the parade route map. Discussion followed with concerns expressed over the chosen route. Motion carried.

j)Motion that Council direct Administration to submit the following noted meeting requests and related topics for the UBCM Ministry Meetings.

-Ministry of Health: ambulance services and the retention of a second car in the community. Increase in emergency health clinic staff.

-Minister of Transportation: Widen Heritage Highway in some areas and installation of passing lanes in some areas

-Minister of Tourism: Provincial site designation (protection) for dinosaur track ways, emphasizing heritage/tourism potential.

-Minister Responsible for Seniors: funding for a senior facility nad programs.

-Minister of Children and Family Development: social worker designated for Children and Family Development services.

-RCMP ?E? Division: Update of current services and services that could be provided in the future.

k) Motion that Council grant a fee waiver of $59.10 +GST to cover the cost of the room rental of mtg. rooms 4 and 5 on August 13, 2005 for the Bray family benefit fundraiser and that this waiver come out of the Council grant account and that Mr. Real Carrier be advised to consult with local businesses in the placement of collection jars. Luke will be undergoing surgery on August 31st in Edmonton. All of the funds raised would be used to help the Bray Family with their 3 month stay in Edmonton. Motion carried.

l)Motion that Council approve travel expanses for the Mayor?s attendance at a meeting with Federal Minister David Emerson in Prince George on July 4th, 2005

m) Public Comments from Annual Municipal Report from the Chief Administrative Officer. The DTR has not received any enquiries from the public concerning the annual report.

n)Motion that Council direct Administration to extend an invitation to Mayor Colin Kinsley from the City of Prince George and Mayor Wayne Ayling from the City of Grande Prairie to meet with Council to discuss the possibilities around the extension of Monkman Park Road. Discussion followed expressing concern over communities which may of objections. Motion carried.

o) Motion that Council approve travel for two members of Council to attend the Dawson Creek Fall Fair Parade and direct staff to submit the District?s entry for the parade. Motion carried.

p) Motion that Council direct staff to send letters to all companies currently utilizing District Land as a helicopter pad advising them that they are using the land at their own risk and request proof of liability insurance for the use of the land, naming the municipality as additional co-insured on their liability insurance policy. Motion carried.

q) Motion that Council direct Administration to submit the ambulance service topic to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference Small Talk Forum. Motion carried.

r) Motion that Council approve travel expenses for two members of Council to attend the Oil and Gas Conference in Fort St. John from October 4-6, 2005.

s) Motion that Council approve travel for Councillor Way to attend the Hudson?s Hope 200th Birthday Party to extend the District of Tumbler Ridge?s congratulations. Motion carried.

t) Schedule of Meetings discussed

8. Closed Meeting Items: Council resolved to a closed meeting of Council as per section 90 (1) (c) and (e) and (g) of the Community Charter to discuss a personnel issue, several land issues and a legal issue.