?Axe Gordon Campbell?s unfair and ineffective gas tax.

?Adding three thousand new long term care beds and keeping the promise to our seniors.

?Extend the tax credit for flow through shares for mining beyond 2009.

?Gordan Campbell sold BC rail in a deal tainted by scandal, British Columbians deserve answers.

I ran for MLA for Peace River

South in 2005, I said at the end of

that election that you had not heard the end of me. The last four years under Gordon Campbell have only strengthened my resolve to take back your BC.

Im running with the NDP because I believe the BC Liberals have sold out the north,

and it is time we show them that they cant get away with it.

The New Democrats have a comprehensive plan to improve the economy of northern

communities. We strongly believe that rural British Columbia is the source of tremendous wealth and should benefit from that wealth. Communities like Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek shouldnt have to beg the province for basic community infrastructure when our workers and our businesses are supplying the province with immense income.

Carole James and the NDP team have committed to re-investing more of the wealth generated in northern British Columbia back into northern communities through a rural economic development fund.

Carole James has a solid fivepoint plan to revitalize and renew the forest industry through tenure reform, the restriction of raw log exports and the development of new technologies and markets for our wood. Gordon Campbell stood by and did nothing as mills closed across the province and tens of thousands of workers lost their jobs.

It?s time for us to join together and take back our BC. For the last eight years Gordon Campbell and his government have been giving away our resources while neglecting to invest in our communities. We deserve better. Carole James and the New Democrats have what it takes to deliver a better British Columbia on May 12.

Candidates: Grant Fraser, Green Party of BC; Blair Morgan Lekstrom, BC Liberal Party; Pat Shaw, BC NDP

and Donna Young, Independent