Six Pillars for a Strong BC.

Strong leadership and stable government

– with a Premier and a proven team that will best manage our economy and build

confidence in these turbulent times.

Living within our means committing to

balanced budgets, and carefully managing taxpayers? money

Lowering costs on our economy

– reducing taxes for families and businesses, eliminating red tape and costly barriers to investment, and leading the way to free trade with Alberta and across Canada.

Improving and protecting vital public services

– increasing funding and investments in healthcare, education and other crucial

services for children, seniors and families

Investing in jobs and infrastructure

– with a $14 billion capital construction program over the next three years to build new hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, public transit and other critical infrastructure.

Building on our strategic advantages

– by capitalizing on the Olympics, opening up our Pacific Gateways, investing in innovation and becoming world leaders in clean energy, new uses for wood, climate action and green growth.

Together we can continue to build a stronger more sustainable province. We have seen a true commitment by our government to protecting the environment and I like you, believe we should leave this world a better place than what was given to us to enjoy. I have been honoured to serve the people of this great region and this incredible province and have learned so much from you, the people I represent.

We are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and natural resources in British Columbia. I commit that I will do my best to represent you in a way that finds the best balance in the use of our natural resources while ensuring our provinces natural beauty and our quality of life continue to remain the best in the world. On May 12th I am asking for your vote so that we may continue to move our province forward.

Candidates: Grant Fraser, Green Party of BC; Blair Morgan Lekstrom, BC Liberal Party; Pat Shaw, BC NDP

and Donna Young, Independent