Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce

MINUTES January 10, 2005

TR Inn 7:00pm


Executive Directors

Les Cooper, Brenda Banham, Harry Prosser, Liz Spence-Noble, Helen Scott


Mike Caisley, Ellis Howard, Wayne Kopec, Joanne Kirby, Karen Meyer,

Absent: Gary Doonan, Sheila Illerbrun, RaeLynn Johnson, Ed Kennedy, Sheila Proehl, Walter Reid


Ray Proulx (Economic Development Officer)

Don McPherson (Council & Chamber of Commerce Liaison)

1.7:00 pm: L. Cooper introduced R. Proulx, Economic Development Officer, who extended congratulations and thanks to the Chamber of Commerce on becoming incorporated and establishing a Chamber for the business and community of Tumbler Ridge. He sees the District as a partner with the business community and looks forward to working together to develop a strong bond between the Chamber of Commerce and District of Tumbler Ridge. Handout distributed; ‘Synergies and Strategic Directions’.

Spoke of continued business development, fee for service arrangement (to be discussed between Council and Chamber at future meeting), tourist/visitor information service, specific projects, base level funding, business fees turned over directly to Chamber of Commerce.

M. Caisley raised issue regarding respective funds and wanted clarification.

a)$15 000 for 2004 was to be free and clear

b)$25 000 (+ License) to be free and clear

c)After this fee for service implemented. Chamber to prepare business plan based on promised monies.

Response to above

a) R. Proulx and D. McPherson confirmed $15 000 free and clear; L. Cooper said cheque received from the District was for $14 200.

b) Proulx declined to commit on the $25 000 being free and clear stating Council must make decision of when fee for service is to begin.

D. McPherson stated that it was his understanding from Council that the $25 000 was to be free and clear, with fee for service after this.

C) Chamber and Council to meet in near future (date still to be set) to clarify funds and fee for service implementation.

R. Proulx would like to see Chamber of Commerce as the first contact for the business community and co-operative actives such as:

– co-ordination of Market Research ie-, tourist and visitor information compiled – improve customer service and referrals

– downtown activities, ie; Winterfest

– promotional material or specific projects, eg. Tumbler Ridge Directory – presented sample of City of Dawson Creek’s directory (fee for service to apply should Chamber of Commerce undertake project of producing directory) *Note: Councillor McPherson said potential clients are asking for Tumbler Ridge’s business listings now,

– snowmobile association promotion

– Investment; drawing business to TR, ie; accommodations

– Discussion about “Grizzly Lodge” Open Camp between Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek. R. Proulx said Industry states that if business(s) offer competitive rates and are on par, availability of product and/or service and pursue contact with potential clients the local business has the advantage. We must be aggressive and make ourselves known to industry and potential clients, Counsellor McPherson stated that the District is aware of the lodge and there was nothing the town could do about it. Blair Lekstrom, MLA for Peace River South was contacted re: Open Camp as well.

– Tourism workshop: tentative date in April

– NLC (Northern Lights College); utilize courses to expand management or business, flexible hours and/or courses if student numbers are there, DO NOT want to loose this facility

– Signage with pull out space at 2 potential Hiway junctions – business(s) to rent space

– Infrastructure revitalization – Chamber to encourage Business(s) to participate – incentives, encouragement as opposed to penalties

– 25th Anniversary

– Spirit of 2010 preparation – funding, media exposure to market continue developing business fpr TR – Labor Market Planning Project – District to solicit, project coordinator for District, TRS. N LC, TR Employment, Arts Council, etc (Economics, present skills, community plan/goals – 5 years, 10 years) Winterfest Feb 11-13/05 (Letter distributed) R. Proulx invites Chamber’s input and ideas. Joint venture between District and Chamber. Registration Form to business(s). L. Cooper attended Winter Fest meeting and Chamber was approached to organize parade. To be discussed as New Business.

2. R. Proulx can be reached at 242-4242 (ext 225) for questions or comments. Chamber thanked R. Proulx for attending.

3. 7:45 pm meeting called to order by L. Cooper, President.

Motion to accept Minutes of Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce meeting November 22, 2004. L. Spence-Noble amended attendance and Item 2, “Revised” By-Laws corrected to “Official”. Motion to accept; x2, Approved.

5. L. Cooper confirmed that $14 200.00 ofthe $15 000.00 was received (less promotional, advertising, photocopying) and wanted clarification regarding $25 000.00 forthcoming free and clear. Councillor McPherson said his understanding from Council was their commitment of $15 000.00 and $25 000.00 to be free and clear, with fee for service to begin after this. He was not aware of the $800.00 fees deducted from the $15 000. 00.

6. L. Cooper to check with R. Proulx re: date for Council and Chamber meeting, Councilor McPherson stated that the meeting between Council and Chamber would be the appropriate time to clarify issues such as the $25 000,00, fee for service, premises, etc. H. Scott will contact Directors with date and time. The Chamber would then be able to complete unfinished business and proceed with business plan based on promised monies.

Discussion on Issues to Bring Forward by Chamber at meeting.

Money: Committed $15 000.00 and $25 000.00

CMHC; Lowering rates for housing

Office Space: Chamber to regain office at tourist booth April, 2005

Manager/Tounsm (2 jobs)

Advertising for Accommodations to bring in Industry, Visitors

TR – hub of Coal Industry to tie in with Membership Drive

TR Directory of Services – fee for service

Councilor McPherson said Chamber could advertise and bring requests, etc to Councils attention. There was discussion re: advertising similar to what Chetwynd has done in past to entice investors.

7.Budget Committee to be established at later date. Breakdown for Travel Expenses recommended (same as Districts); $0.40/km and $85.00/dy, Motion for L. Cooper and H. Scott to attend District(s) Chamber of Commerce meeting in Dawson Creek, B.C,, Tuesday, January 11, 2005; x2, Approved.

8.Discussion regarding Chamber of Commerce Members receiving something for their money and information on what the Chamber of Commerce is doing. Members are extremely interested in benefits, ie; extended health, etc. it is up to members to contact Annemarie Haapala as they have to choose packages, It was suggested that a list of members be faxed to Anmemarie with a notice in paper indicating Chamber of Commerce Members can contact Annemarie Haapala for information.

BC Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce were issued cheques with applications for membership. Confirmation of membership(s) might be finalized by next mooting. As members, the TR Chamber of Commerce can proceed with board insurance. Barton’s will provide quote when we place request with specifics.

10. Establish Goals (refer to: Planning Outline – November 18, 2004 (M, Caisley, B. Banham, E. Kennedy) Forward

11 Discussion re: Meeting Structure. H. Scott to draft calendar. Motion made to alternate lunch and evening meetings the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month at alternate business(s); x2, Approved.

12. J. Kirby stated that L. Funk of TR News has offered free advertising for the Chamber of Commerce on website, feature stories and minutes.

13. Sample business cards and Member’s stickers for business front display presented for approval. Sticker cost, $75,00 quoted. H. Prosser motioned stickers to be back to back and laminated; x2, Approved.

14. Discussion regarding GST refund; pending further info.

15. K. Meyer brought forward the issue of Real Estate purchases in Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

CMHC requires 5-10% down on real estate with the exception of Tumbler Ridge where 15-25% down is required. The local banking institution, Lakeview Credit Union, also requires 20% down. Now that the real estate prices have improved immensely the demands for high down payment make purchasing a house in Tumbler Ridge difficult for people who wish to locate here. Tumbler Ridge was considered a high risk in the past but has attracted business and residents and is thriving. The Royal Bank speculates special conditions for Tumbler Ridge are due to expire.

Motion to Draft Letter to CMHC and other applicable institutes, in conjunction with the District, requesting rates lowered for Tumbler Ridge; x2, Approved.

16. W. Kopec reported for the PREMISES COMMITTEE.

The Rec Centre is closed. The TR Business Centre is available for $350.00/month (with manager), utilities inclusive (phone to be installed by Chamber); if no manager an additional $150.00 will be required. After April 2005 Tourism Booth reverts back to the Chamber of Commerce, to be confirmed at District/Chamber meeting. HRDC will pay a student to work under Chamber?s direction or Chamber can hire persons specifically.

Motion to accept Tourism Booth as the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce premises and H. Scott to purchase and set up basic office necessities as follows: phone, fax, answering machine, phone line, x 2. Accepted.

17. M. Caisley reported for the PERSONNEL COMMITTEE.

Will have a draft job description for next meeting and recommendation(s) re: part/full time. L. Cooper gave an application he?d received for position to H. Scott to keep on file.

19. R. Caisley reported for the MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE.

Briefed Chamber on recent commission for aboriginal development Canadian Coal, hosting regional communities with TR as hub of the coal industry. Possibly combine (2) activities to benefit all. Full report next meeting with recommendations.

20. R. Johnson to report for COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE next meeting.

21. Accounts to be paid (3)



Sheila?s coffee$107.00


Balance$19,156.41 (outstanding gift certificate to date).

Motion to pay total of $146.27; x 2 approved.

22. L. Cooper requested B. Banham ask N. Black for breakdown of fees for

Motion to pursue TR Directory ASAP by Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Council (L. Spence-Noble, Chair), x2, Approved.

H. Prosser extended invitation to Chamber, on behalf of B. Lekstrom, MLA to P.R.S. to attend: Community Forest Committee meeting (Roger Harris), January 27, 2005 @ 9:00 am

Town Hall, Council Chambers

23. Motion to pursue TR Director ASAP by Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Council (L. Spence-Noble, Chair), x 2, Approved.

24. H. Prosser extended invitation to Chamber, on behalf of B. Lekstrom, MLA to P.R.S. to attend Community Forest Committee meeting (Roger Harris), January 27, 2005 @9:00 am Town Hall, Council Chambers.

24. L. Spence-Noble extended invitation to Fort St. John AGM, January 18, 2005 @ 5:30 pm Dinner Keynote Speaker: Layton Park ($50.00 non-members)

Motion to participate in organizing Parade for Winterfest Friday, February 11, 2005 (6:30 – 7:00 p.m.) L. Cooper to Chair; x2, Accepted.

27.Next Meeting: Monday, January 24th, 2005 12:00 p,m, @ Sheila’s Place

28.9:50 p.m Meeting was adjourned.