Tumbler Ridge Children’s Centre Society’s Early Learning Family Resource Program

Raelene Bauman, Executive Director of the Tumbler Ridge Children’s Centre Society

Did you know that a person’s path in life is largely determined by the experiences they have by the time they reach six years of age? A child’s exposure to quality early learning and care are the essential ingredients to their long range success, both personally and professionally.

As the only licensed group daycare, preschool and out of school care provider in the community the Tumbler Ridge Children’s Centre Society (TRCCS) is hoping to increase the accessibility of these experiences through our newly-created Early Learning Family Resource Program.

Made possible through the generous support of our local Success by Six table, this program is an extension of TRCCS’ expertise, resources and services. It offers parents and other caregivers of young children the opportunity to learn how to provide well-rounded early learning experiences that will set a solid foundation for successful, enriching lives.

By acting as an Early Learning hub, TRCCS hopes to become a one stop access point for families that would normally have to travel out of town, or wait for an excessive amount of time in order access family resource services found in larger communities. For example, TRCCS’ Early Childhood Educators are qualified to assist through consultations and collaborations for such actions as early intervention screening and referrals for specialized support.

We are also able to provide workshops, seminars and networking opportunities for parents and caregivers, based on feedback that we receive from community members.

To date we’ve organized Make and Take Nights, focused on providing resources and networking opportunities for caregivers, which will be held every second Wednesday of the month, our first one being held May 8, 2013. We will break for the summer months and continue offering them from October 2013 through to the end of May 2014.

We are also gearing up to finalize the date for the Kids Have Stress Too date to be for caregivers/parents/ early learning professionals. Other potential events include Nanny Training, Positive Parenting and Licensed Day Home Training. These offerings are just the tip of the iceberg and we would like to hear from parents and caregivers about what they would like to hear about or participate in.

To share feedback, register for any of the programs or to find out more about the Early Learning Family Resource Program, please call TRCCS at (250) 242-4503 or email trccs@pris.ca. Information will also be available at www.trccs.ca.