The map above indicates the area of application for a proposed new coal tenure for Tumbler Ridge. The information has been given to stakeholders in the community for comment. After receiving this request, one organization, the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, responded as follows with a message to its members on 8 December:

?We frequently are approached by industry and government to comment on industry proposals in the area, and we constructively provide input on how to minimize or avoid impact on our trail system, paleo sites, and other regional natural features of importance.

Today we received a request from our Economic Development Officer, Ray Proulx, for input into the attached proposed new coal tenure. It is close to Tumbler Ridge, in fact the original proposal has already been cut back because it covered part of the town site. Essentially the proposed tenure extends from just south and west of town to close to the Wolverine and Quintette mines, and includes the Murray and Wolverine Rivers.

Suggested issues for comment could include the wisdom of having a mine so close to town, economic impact, air quality, water quality, infrastructure effects, scenic quality etc.

Rather then make a comment on behalf of our organization, we are asking members to please review the map and provide constructive feedback to Ray Proulx at edo@dtr.ca weighing up the pros and cons of such a development, so that he can then forward these comments on to the relevant Ministry.?

Other residents interested in providing feedback for this initiative are also invited to email the Economic Development Officer edo@dtr.ca , or fax 242 3993, or drop off comments in person at Town Hall