Tumbler Ridge Days Society annually sponsors Grizfest

Many people get a puzzled look on their face when you speak about TR Days Society. To clarify, but not substitute, they are the coordinators behind the annual music festival widely known as Grizfest.

Grizfest has grown tremendously since its inauguration in 2002. Starting out with headline acts such as the Rawling Brothers, Decaphony, and Uzume Taiko, it now boasts performers such as Colin James and Nick Gilder Sweeney Todd in 2005. This year Doc Walker and Trooper will take the stage and the popularity of the event grows.

As the festival has progressed there are interesting back-stories. One of particular interest is the appearance of Krista Buck in 2004. Buck was the young bride of local RCMP officer Josh Buck but had come back to Tumbler Ridge after an attempt at that year?s Canadian Idol, where she placed among the top 100 auditions.

There have been growing pains, but these issues have been addressed and the festival gets even better each year. Performers wishing to audition for the festival are asked to submit a public relations kit containing a sample of their music for family entertainment.

As well as Grizfest, TR Days Society has also hosted Grizzly Valley Days. The group was first formed in 1988 and has been active ever since. Grizzly Valley Days was a family event with focus on children?s activities and has not been active in recent years.

By far and large the achievement of a quality music festival has been the crown jewel of this organization, promoting tourism and return attendance to Tumbler Ridge. The goal, according to Cheryl Hayden, has been to continue to grow and offer a diversified music program. This is evident from the broad range of performers and genres that Grizfest brings to the stage. She adds, ?We are open to input and appreciate and value all the people who become members of our organization.