Tumbler Ridge Eight Year Old helping orphans

Local 8 year year old Caitlin Payne, is helping orphans in Cambodia. Caitlin is enlisting the aid of her classmates and friends to assist children about the same age as themselves. Cambodia, like many other Third World countries, has more than its share of orphaned and abandoned children. Thirty years of war, foreign occupation, genocide and civil war has become the norm for this battered country.

Next week, Caitlin?s uncle is visiting the country for two weeks and while there on vacation he will be spending time volunteering at several cambodian orphanages. Caitlin and her 6 year old brother were asked if they wanted to donate a set of their summer clothes to some kids at the orphanage. They both said yes immediately, 6 year Matthew even volunteering his favorite hat. Caitlin went a step further though and asked her uncle how much actual room he had in his luggage, and when told ?lots? she has immediately enlisted her friends and class mates in Ms. Bertrand?s class to fill her uncles luggage with clothes and art supplies.

The clothes and art supplies will be going to kids at Sunrise Children?s Village located in Phnom Penh & Seim Reap, Cambodia. You can check out the orphanages and the amazing work they do at www.sunrisechildrensvillage.com