Tumbler Ridge Elementary Bridge Building

March 5th saw the gathering of many in the Tumbler Ridge Elementary (TRE) gym for the annual Bridge Building Contest. There were over 50 entries of bridges; teams and some as individuals constructed the bridges. This event is sponsored APEG, Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. The whole school took part, including an entry from teachers and a mystery Dad. Approximately 200 bridge building kits were given out to students, consisting of a precise amount of pop cycle sticks and glue. Strict rules, no adding or modifying the kits are allowed, also each entry is weighed before the final testing.

This is the third year of doing this in Tumbler Ridge and the excitement it conjured up at the gym was unbelievable. If you can imagine a gym full of kids yelling BREAK, BREAK as Jim Jarvis tested each bridge for strength on the ?Bridge Buster? machine. There were prizes and certificates given out for different categories.

Who knows, maybe somewhere in that huge crowd of students are future engineers and bridge builders. While attending this remarkable event I noticed that the teachers were having just as much fun as the students.

This event is held in many schools in B.C. many sponsors donate time, money etc for this event. For TRE these are the companies that support this worthwhile event. Canadian Natural, Peace River Coal, Devon, Forest Service B.C., Encana, McElhanney Geomatics, Integrated Land & Management of B.C. APEG, B.C. Oil & Gas Commission and finally Jim Jarvis Engineering Ltd.