When Mrs. Kennedy?s? class at Tumbler Ridge Elementary completed an on-line seat belt quiz, they had no idea that their class would be randomly selected as one of only three winners chosen from the province because of their entry.

The members of The Canadian Association Road Safety Professionals (CARSP), The Insurance Bureau of Canada, and The Co-operators sponsored an on-line seat belt quiz for grades 4-6 students attending any school in Canada. The focus of this contest was to promote correct seat belt use.

Provincially, this contest was sponsored by ICBC?s Vehicle Safety Strategies Department. The national response was overwhelming and positive. Three prizes were distributed randomly to each participating province and territory. In total there were over 6000 entries received from all across the country.

Doug MacDonald, North Central Regional Coordinator, Loss Prevention of ICBC was on hand to make the cheque presentation. Mac Donald said, ?The key issue in working with this age group, (grades 4-6) is that far too often we see kids under 12 sitting in front of an airbag with or without seat belts, this is a huge safety issue?. The quiz brought to the kids? attention that seat belts prevent injuries and save lives, and that the safest position for children to ride in is the back seat.

Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Greengrass and Mrs. Bell?s classes all completed the quiz. MacDonald said ?ICBC is very proud to be able to work with school districts across the province to promote proper use of seat belts. High praises to TRE for their participation in this Road Safety program.? Mrs. Kennedy said that the $150 prize money will be put towards travel for Gwillim trips. Congratulations teachers and students!