Tumbler Ridge Elementary students hunt animal tracks

On Thursday October 27 Mrs. Kennedy?s grade 5/6 class had a mission. Our mission was to find animal tracks to cast. We made molds from sour cream containers, and two whole buckets of plaster of Paris were needed to make the mixture to pour in the sour cream containers (we pressed the sour cream container down around the foot print). There was what looked like fox, deer, wolf, and elk tracks. The tracks had to be in sand to make better prints.

Once the mixture was in the sour cream containers over the prints we had to quickly put gauze on the back. We had to let them sit for a bit so, we went to a big field and played 1,2,3,Red Light. When they were dry we rushed back to the school. We all could not wait for them to be done. Then we cleaned them, painted them and wrote a description of the animal we thought they were made by. Now they are 3-D, painted, and detailed. It was a blast!