Tumbler Ridge Emergency Preparedness Week A Success

On May 9th, 2009 there was an impressive display of information regarding ? Emergency Preparedness Week ?. This was set up in the entrance of the Community Centre. Here was a chance for residents to make sure they had a proper emergency kit for home should there be a 72-hour emergency. There was a great prize of a 1300-watt generator donated by Pacific Northern Gas. All you had to do was bring down your own emergency preparedness kit to the community center and you were eligible for a chance to win the generator. Some residents volunteered to be put into the Art Gallery without power for an hour or more and to bring along the necessities to sustain themselves without power. There was lots of literature and lists for the taking to make sure individuals were well informed for an emergency. In rooms four and five a ?Child Find? information area was also set up to coincide with the Emergency Preparedness Week. If you missed this event information is available at GetPrepared.ca.