Tumbler Ridge enters Pouce Coupe Canada Day parade

July 1st is a community highlight in the Village of Pouce Coupe. For many years this small town invites neighboring communities to participate in their Canada Day parade. Tumbler Ridge?s float always a warm welcome in Pouce Coupe.

For the sixth year, Tumbler Ridge Town Councillor Rose Colledge is the driving force in connecting with this event. As councillor and artist, Rose Colledge inspires and develops ideas how to promote and represent Tumbler Ridge. Every year a new message is sent through the design of the Tumbler Ridge Float.

Everything begun in 2002 when Councilor s Colledge and Way worked on the re-establishment of the TR- float tradition. In 2003, after several years of absence, Tumbler Ridge accepted an invitation to participate in the Canada Day parade in Pouce Coupe. A decorated TR town truck went there for the first time.

Tumbler Ridge has been represented every year in this event. In 2005 Councilors Way and Colledge developed a 20 foot guitar to promote the Grizzfest Music Festival to the region. In 2006 a triple layer cake conveyed the 25-years celebration of Tumbler Ridge to the July 1st spectators. This year a town hall clock and Canada Day cake was build and Colledge, with Visitor Centre Manager Doreen Younge represented Tumbler Ridge by giving away about 40 lbs of candy. The effort was worth while and the Tumbler Ridge float 2008 received the red ribbon – the first prize.

Most of the building material for the floats is reused from year to year. Colledge and her helpers work on a volunteer basis with the approval of council.

Colledge says, ?I do it because I truly enjoy it and love Tumbler?.