Tumbler Ridge Evacuation ? putting a community to the test

Every town has a disaster plan which is put to use when the community is threatened by a natural disaster. In Tumbler Ridge, the most immediate threats the community can have are fire and severe winter conditions. This summer our disaster plan was put to the test when the entire community of 3000+ was asked to evacuate the town in a few short hours. The experience has tested emergency plans that went very well. In the aftermath, organizers will evaluate the plans that are in place and fine tune those areas that did not perform up to expectations. The plus side for Tumbler Ridge has been the opportunity to take emergency planning from the tabletop exercises that are in place, and put them into action in real life.

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library and the newspaper have asked residents to share their experiences of the fire and evacuation of the community. Many of you have responded, and some of those stories have run in earlier editions of the paper.

Tumbler Ridge has an active saddle club, with some 88 horses, two mini horses, and a donkey in residence. In the stress of packing up family, and pets, gassing up and leaving, all in the space of an hour, it probably did not occur to we non-equestrian types to ask, ?What about the horses?? Look for Hank Boere?s story about his experiences with the evacuation on the following pages.