Tumbler Ridge Family Skatepark

Following the celebration of the District of Tumbler Ridge incorporation at Town Hall on April 9th, was another milestone for this community. The first physical sign of the Family Park was witnessed, when several people were on hand to cut the ground where the new park will sit.

Coordinator Larry White, who also serves on Town Council, was one of the visionaries and advocate behind this project. The origin of the park came when former Mayor Clay Iles spoke with two young boys on the steps of Town Hall, who were skateboarding. It became evident that because our young people had limited choices where they could do this. Especially at the dismay of the townspeople who were frustrated with the issue of safety and respect to drivers and pedestrians alike. Something needed to change. And through conversations with the young people, the idea was borne. The dream of Tumbler Ridge youth and Larry White is finally coming true. That dream took planning and coordination, funding research and finally award of funding from municipal, provincial and federal levels to start the wheels rolling. But April 9th, as White he held the shovel in his hands, alongside of Councillor Rose Colledge, former Councillor Doreen Young and Mayor Mike Caisley, White?s dream has finally arrived.

The date for the Phase One unveiling is scheduled for July 29th between the two showings of the RCMP Musical Ride.