Tumbler Ridge Figure Skaters

The 42 members of the Tumbler Ridge Figure Skating club are very excited about their upcoming skating carnival, and are hoping for an enthusiastic audience. The carnival?s theme this year is ?Rock of Ages?, music from past decades and is being held on Thursday March 8th in the arena. Admission is by silver donation. The Beginner, Intermediate and Senior groups have all been working hard on their numbers. The Seniors are working hard on their solos and one duet. Coaches Christina Clare and Marcie Doonan are very pleased with the progress the skaters have made this year. We are excited to have Ron Colledge back to MC our event. And are pleased to say that Tess Connelly will be coming back again to wow us with her skating as our guest skater from Dawson Creek.

The parents have all been helping with costumes and decorations. We would like to invite the town to come support the kids and enjoy a evening of entertainment.