Tumbler Ridge Fire Department Report

In May of 2009, the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department responded to a total of five emergency, and one non-emergency calls. Of the five emergencies, three were to assist the B.C. Ambulance Service, one was a report of alarms ringing and the last one was of course the explosion and structure fire. I would like to take this opportunity to publically thank the members of the fire department who performed admirably in my absence at what was a very unique emergency, and special thanks to Deputy Diana Vandale who put in countless hours after the call was complete with the investigation, documentation, and working with the other agencies involved. I would also like to thank the other individuals and organizations who provided support to the emergency workers and to those who were displaced by the explosion. I will decline to name specific people and organizations for fear of forgetting someone, but you all know who you are, and your efforts were very much appreciated.

During the month of May, the TRFD training included the topics of First Responder (emergency first aid) and forest fire suppression.

Congratulations to Deputy Diana Vandale, and Firefighters Doug Beale, Scott Beattie, Ian Leach, Randy Baxter, Dustin Curry, and Probationary Firefighter Don Ross who all achieved 100% attendance during the month. On the topic of forest fires, at the time of writing this report (June 9), there is currently a ban on open fires in the Prince George fire area as the forest fire hazard rating is ?high?. Everyone is encouraged to exercise caution while they are enjoying the outdoors so that no fires are accidentally ignited.

The TRFD currently has ten members along with one probationary member. Due to shift work and vacations, there are times when the number of firefighters available to respond to an emergency is as low as three or four. We are always looking for new members who are willing to commit to attending practices and fire calls and who will work well as members of a team. If you are interested, please contact the fire hall or stop by for an application.