Tumbler Ridge Fire Department report

Firefighters Dustin Curry and Chuck Landa assisted with the instruction of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with the Grade 10 physical education (PE) class at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School this month. TRFD photo.

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department responded to a total of seventeen calls during the month of May.  These included eight reports of ringing fire alarms, six First Responder calls, one report of an activated carbon monoxide detector, one rescue of an individual trapped in an elevator, and one request to set up a landing zone for STARS to evacuate a patient from the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre.

Training in the month of May included the topics of auto-extrication, a presentation from the British Columbia Forest Service, the suppression of class B fires, and initial attack on structural fires. Firefighters Mike Thibodeau, Cristal Bertrand, Don Ross and Russell Colbourne also traveled to Fort St. James to complete Level 2 of their Live Fire Training.  Congratulations to deputy Diana Vandale, and firefighters Scott Beattie, Ian Leach, Mike Thibodeau, Dustin Curry, Don Ross, Brandon Braam, Dwayne Fry, Chuck Landa, and Russell Colbourne, who all achieved 100 per cent attendance at practices during that month.  There were also four fire department members who celebrated birthdays in May, so happy birthday to deputy Diana Vandale and firefighters Cristal Bertrand, Chuck Landa and Brandon Braam.
Two members of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department assisted with the instruction of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with the Grade 10 physical education (PE) class at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School this month. Thanks to firefighters Dustin Curry and Chuck Landa for their help with that training. The contract has been awarded to chip the debris piles remaining from the most recent phase of the Forest Fuel Reduction Program. This work should begin early in June and it is anticipated that it will be completed by the end of that same month.
As we are now in the season for outdoor activities and campfires, I would ask that everyone use caution when enjoying a campfire whether it is within the town itself or at some other camping area. The regulations regarding recreational fires within the town of Tumbler Ridge can be found in section 10 of the new Fire Services Bylaw, which can be accessed through the District of Tumbler Ridge website in the Public Safety section. 
The regulations for campfires on both Crown and private land outside of the town boundaries are slightly different, and are available in pamphlet form at the fire hall, or by visiting the bcwildfire.ca website and clicking on “Restrictions” and then scrolling down to the “Guide to Open Burning”.  In the event of a campfire ban, signs will be posted on the three forest fire rating signs. 

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Tumbler Ridge Fire Department Report

April was an unusually slow month for the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department. The TRFD responded to only four calls: two reports of alarms ringing, one ambulance assist call and one report of a wild land fire. Residents are reminded to be cautious when enjoying the back country, as much of the vegetation is quite dry right now and will ignite very easily. Congratulations to Deputy Diana Vandale, and Firefighters Scott Beattie, Randy Baxter, and Mike Thibodeau who achieved 100% attendance at practices during the month of April. These practices included training on hoses, appliances, structural firefighting and first aid. Special thanks and congratulations to Deputy Diana Vandale, and Firefighters Scott Beattie and Mike Thibodeau who gave up four of their days off and completed the First Responders Instructional and Evaluation Training Course, so that they can now instruct and evaluate the First Responders First Aid Course used in our fire department. The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department is always looking for new members, so if you are willing to commit to attending weekly practices and responding to emergencies, drop by the fire hall and pick up an application.

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