Tumbler Ridge Fist National Aboriginal Day Celebrations

We are The Tumbler Ridge Circle of Friendship Society, an Aboriginal Group who?s Mission it is to bring the Community together by sharing and learning from each other to bridge the cultural and economic gap by providing support to those who require the resources, advice and tools to work with.

Some of our members are: Donna McCallum; David Mason; Lindsay Vandale; Sandra Cutler; Darcy Jackson; Amanda Urete; Michelle Burton; Lori Peterson; Stacey Lajeunesse; Juanita MacNeil; Danielle Peters; Marsha Dufresne; Mila Lansdowne; Diane Reid; Brenda Holmlund; Robert McCallum; Cindy McPhee; Thea Ferrari; Mark Booden; Irene and David Poudrier; Jacqueline Paul; Myrtle Constant; and Laverne Shade.

Please feel welcome to join our group as the door is open to all.

We would like to invite you to our National Aboriginal Day Celebrations on June 21st, 2005 at the Flatbed Creek around 3:00pm to 7:00pm; Free of Charge.

Some of the activities are: Opening and closing Prayers; a Jam Session (all are encouraged to join); Children?s games; Arts & Crafts tables (for a small fee); and a Cultural Feast.

Please come down and join us in the celebrations as we are raising funds to allow some of TR?s children to go to the Camp Sagitawa, Christian Bible Camp in Moberly Lake, BC.

Contact Donna at 242-4706 for more information or to book a table.