Tumbler Ridge Forever Young Society receives grant

Ellen Sager


The Tumbler Ridge Forever Young Society has received a Sharing the Past Grant, from the New Horizons for Seniors.

The grant is worth $23,500, and the purpose of the grant is to have seniors write their life stories and share them with other seniors and their own families.

Seniors will learn how to research their family tree by using many means including www.ancestry.com and the many free sources of information. The funding will provide ten iPads, two laptop computers, scanners, video camera, voice recorder, paper, binders and USB sticks for the seniors to use.

Ten seniors will receive computer courses at the Northern Lights College. These persons will assist other seniors in recording and sharing their pasts. The grade six class at the Elementary school will also participate. Students will learn how to interview and record the seniors’ stories, as well as teaching the seniors how to use iPads for recording the past.

Seniors will learn how to write their own story, including pictures and documents, as well as to help other seniors share their past.

How many times have you said that you wish you had asked your parents or grandparents about something? How many pictures do you have that do not identify the person? How many have written on the back, “Uncle Dan?” How many documents do you have that can be included in your life story?

Many people have lived in Tumbler Ridge since its beginning. It would be wonderful to have some stories about life then and even more exciting to share the stories with the students. If you are a veteran we hope you will share your story.

There will be four lunches where the students will present seniors’ stories. There will be six lunches where seniors will share their own stories or share someone else’s story.

The Forever Young Society looks forward to helping seniors share their past. For more information call Ellen at 250-242-4422 (Seniors’ Corner) or 250-242-5283 or e-mail: foreveryoung@pris.ca or stop by the Seniors’ Corner at the Willow building on Willow Drive.