Tumbler Ridge Garden Club

Our Garden Club meeting is CANCELLED on June 24, Tuesday. We are meeting Tuesday, July 15 at 7:00 p.m. at Room 1 of the Community Centre. Our topic will be preparation for the Garden Tour on Saturday, July 26.

If you want your garden on the tour please call Celine Paradis at 242-5395 or Jeanette Johnson at 242-5272. The only requirement is that you be present on that day to guide persons around your beautiful gardens.

If you don?t want to enter your garden on the tour then mark Saturday, July 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on your calendar. It will be a beautiful day to tour the gardens in Tumbler Ridge. The cost is $4.00 and you tour the various properties at your leisure. You register and get your list of properties on the tour at Hartford Gardens in front of the caboose. You will receive a Lee Valley cloth bag with pens, catalogues, seeds, etc. You can bring a bag lunch and enjoy the Hartford Gardens having a picnic at the tables or you can have lunch at one of the many restaurants/coffee shops in town.

Then, if you want to see more gardens you can go to Dawson Creek on Sunday, July 27th for their garden tour. More information about their tour will be provided later.

Anyone wanting to advertise by putting a business card or flyer in our Lee Valley bags please contact Ellen at 242-5283 or e-mail me at sager@pris.bc.ca We also hope to be able to give a gift to those who put their properties on display. If you wish to donate an item, again contact Ellen at 242-5283.

Don?t forget that you can get frost any time in the summer. If it looks clear and is 10 degrees celsius or lower you might want to take precautions. You can cover your delicate plants especially tomatoes, dahlias, marigolds, fushia and some others. You can put a garden sprayer on during the night and the spray of the water prevents frost from killing your plants. You can put plants under an overhang and usually the frost does not effect plants that are protected this way.

If you want hummingbirds put out a feeder. Use a sugar and water mixture – perhaps 1/3 sugar to 2/3 water. At the beginning of the season use a stronger sugar mixture and as the flowers come out the hummingbirds need less sugar. Do not colour your mixture. Vines such as clematis are great. I am trying a trumpet vine or hummingbird vine; however, these are only hardy in zone 4 and we are zone 2 so I might fail. In Ontario I had a wonderful trumpet vine that the hummingbirds loved. They like fuschias a lot and any bell shaped flower.

Many times the Garden Club gets requests from persons who need help with their gardens or they live elsewhere and wish someone to take care of their flower beds. If you or someone you know wishes to do flower gardens please contact Ellen. Most persons are very willing to pay for the work but the Garden Club members are very busy persons who are aging. Younger members usually work so have little time to do others? gardens.

Garden Club members have planted the boxes at the medical centre and the flower beds at the emergency entrance.

Last year we had a donation of lilies and members planted these in front of the clinic. You will also note that the deer did not find the tulips in front of the medical clinic and they are very pretty. Also, the deer did not find the beautiful tulips in the flower bed adopted by the post office staff which is the nearest bed to the parking lot. Some of the tulips planted in the Hartford Gardens weren?t so lucky but we would like to thank Loraine Funk for her donation of the tulip bulbs.

See you on July 26 at the garden tour. Happy Gardening.