Tumbler Ridge Garden Club

Tumbler Ridge Garden Club

by Ellen Sager

Where is Jack Frost? Well, he might just sneak up on you one of these nights now that it is getting to be fall. Oh dear, the flowers just started looking great. Well, make sure you check the weather and protect the tomatoes, dahlias, marigolds and others that don?t like the frost.

Our garden tour on July 26th was a hit. Now it is back to the drawing board to plan next year?s tour.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 26 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1 at the Community Centre.

Get answers to your gardening questions.

Find out who has plants they will split.

Find out where you can get seeds.

Find out how to grow flowers and vegetables in Tumbler Ridge?s ?soil? or is that ?gravel??

Consider planting daffodil and tulip bulbs even though the deer really like these plants. For the winter and for next spring use blood meal and sprinkle it around your property or your flower beds and the deer won?t have a feast.

Those cats, what are we going to do with them? Well finally it just became too much to handle and we sent for a sensored sprinkler from Lee Valley. The sprinkler is activated by motion and this will discourage those cats.

Our garden shed at Hartford Gardens got broken into and torched. Fortunately the fire was not extensive but a few tools went missing and presumed to have been used for more destruction around town. A few of our chemicals were melted as well.

We thank the District?s Public Works for fixing the shed. Of course, Public Works, as usual, do the mowing of the grass and maintenance and do some of the watering for Hartford Gardens. The Garden Club buys the plants, plants them, waters and weeds.

Us old folks really appreciate Public Works and the younger members of the Garden Club that help us out. If you have gardening expertise we would love for you to join us or if you do not want to make a long-term commitment you could always give us a few hours at one of our meetings and provide information with your expertise.

Don?t forget about Zippy, the squirrel. He needs food for the winter. Zippy just runs across the back fence over and over again hiding his little stash. The birds will be going south and could use some of the bird seeds in your feeder, and, of course, the hummingbirds will be headed south. It is amazing that the birds know what to do for the winter and we, the smart ones, keep sticking around where it is cold. We are still waiting for global warming in Tumbler Ridge. We would love to extend the growing season here.

For more information contact Jeanette at 242-5272 or Celine at 242-5395. You can e-mail sager@pris.bc.ca. Our web site is www.pris.bc.ca/sager/garden_club (that is an underline between garden and club).

Happy Gardening.