Tumbler Ridge Garden Club GARDEN TOUR

Saturday was a beautiful day for our garden tour.  There were twelve gardens and four drive-bys.  Thanks to all those who spent the time to put their gardens on tour:  Roy and Jane Phillips, Nellie Meredith, Helen Fierro, Lyn Way, Heather McLennan, Ellie & Kevin Pack, Shirley & Orville Durand, Evelyn Sankovic, Robee Cameron & Pearl Young, Craig & Sarah Waters, Gwen & Al Cook, Jennifer Marsel, Shirley Hanberg, Crys White, Rita & Donald Henderson, and Martha Ziegeman. There was a pre-tour on Friday night when everyone with a garden on the tour gathered and went together to see each other?s gardens.  We saw vegetables, sky-high sunflowers, water features, perennials, annuals, biennials.  The peonies were at their best.  Some lilies were showing wonderfully including Martha?s with 42 buds but many will be blooming shortly.  You would never know that spring never happened!!  Thanks to all those who went on the tour including those who came all the way from Dawson Creek.  

  Thanks to Vinnie who provided sandwiches for those on the tour.  Lee Valley provided cloth bags and were filled with lots of stuff.  Thanks to Barton Insurance, Lakeview Credit Union, Apex Optical, Tumbler Ridge News, and Remax.  Recreating Eden, the gardening show on ONE channel provided a DVD of their programs which were used as a prize.  Remax provided us with the open house signs which we used to advertise our tour.

The tour was a fundraiser for our receiving a BC 150 Grant.  The grant is to recognize volunteers.  For every volunteer that contributed a minimum of 5 hours we will receive $50.  We are going to put a children?s raised flower bed which will be wheel chair accessible at the Hartford Gardens.  We hope to have pre-schoolers plant flowers and come by and water them during the summer. 

Hartford Gardens looks great thanks to Garden Club members Nellie Meredith, Evelyn Sankovic, Marie Bloomcrist, Bev Fournier, Carol Chavez, Gwen Cook, Angie Ekins and Valerie Patriquin.  Others who helped include Celine Paradis who, as well as weeding, makes wonderful potato microwave bags, microwave mitts and kitchen towels which were prizes; Glen Miller and Heinz Sager.

Seeing these gardens encourages people to trade plants, collect seeds and enjoy sharing their skills and their knowledge with others.  Just a reminder that our next meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1 in the Community Centre.  For more information about the Garden Club contact Ellen at 250-242-5283 or e-mail:  sager@pris.bc.ca Happy Gardening