Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club gears up for the Grand Opening

Owned by the District; the almost 20 years old Golf Course Club House went through a major renovation with a very promising outcome. Exterior and interior modernization and upgrade-work ruled the scene at this popular location for the last four months.

The improvements made in the Club House show an interesting building concept behind this project. The visitor of the restaurant will experience exciting interior design, for example the ceiling complemented by details of stone and wood work in the whole guest area. The large air-brush painted mountain scene above the bar adds an artistic touch to the overall impression. All the details are well thought out and connect the guest with the other attributes of this location, the view of the mountains and greens from the Club House restaurant.

?Behind the scenes? is hidden completely. A new modern kitchen is located in a previously under-utilized space. Professionalism in planning and in the choice of the stainless steal appliances sets the stage for the first step to have satisfied customer: the time-efficient preparation of a good meal. Nine people in the kitchen and eight to nine in service will be employed. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM for the summer season of the next five month.

The changes in the Pro Shop are in the assortment of quality merchandise and in the professional and friendly service.

The fact that there are now two professional golf instructors opens new opportunities for the Golf Club and TR tourism. A promising Youth Program is also already in place.

The renovation of the Club House is a stepping stone to transform this location into an interesting object for an entrepreneur who will purchase it and run his own business.

Embedded in a stunning landscape the Golf Course is the best place in town to relax, socialize and enjoy sports. For the outdoors lovers the area offers easy hiking trails. It is an ideal setting for weddings and other family or social functions.

The way this project was handled by the District shows its clear intent to improve the quality of life for the residents of Tumble Ridge.

The Club House Grand Opening will take place on Friday May 16th. About 100 people will enjoy reception dinner and desert with the opportunity to test the dance floor later in the evening. Tickets sell for $27.50 or $32.50 and the reception starts at 6:30 PM.