Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club starts new season

Hello Golfers,

The season is THIS CLOSE to being here and are we ready ! ! !

As you may or may not know, the clubhouse has been open for a week now and reviews to date have been great. The buffet Easter Sunday was ?EXCELLENT? according to those who attended. Mother?s Day Brunch should be even better although it is hard to improve on perfection. Mark it on your calendar and give MOM a treat.

The town of Tumbler Ridge is having clean-up week May 8-12 this year. We, at the golf course, are dedicated to cleaning up the roadside from the corner of Monkman and Speiker down to the Golf Course itself. A good turnout of volunteers would be appreciated.

Let?s have some of the juniors getting involved this time. In the past the adults and seniors have taken in the cardboard, bottles and cans, cleaned up the clubhouse, worked on the golf carts, cut down deadfall trees and removed them as well as doing some planting and mowing. It?s your turn juniors. It?s your club as well.

If you want to call Kevin at 242-3533and let him know when it would be convenient for you to work I just know he would appreciate hearing from you. I?m sure if you would like to make it Saturday, May 13, no-one would mind as long as it got done.

Weather permitting, we are hoping to start the Senior?s Golf on Wednesday, May 3 at 10:00 AM. All seniors are welcome as well as those of you who may have nothing better to do and just want to join in. We?d love to have you. I ladies leagues will be starting around that time as well so get out the clubs and dust them off (as if you die-hard golfers haven?t already done that).think the men?s and

Until next time

Pat Fraser