Tumbler Ridge Grizzly Valley Player?s Theater

April 30. 2006 Tumbler Ridge, BC

Dear Editor:

Once … Coal!

Then … Dinosaurs!!

Now … Live Theatre!!!

Great discoveries continue in Tumbler Ridge.

The end of civilization?

Not so …

The edge … the biting, cutting edge … yes!

What a treat and revelation it was to watch the Grizzly Valley Players? home grown(locally WRITTEN, DIRECTED and ACTED) brilliant, energetic performance of ?T.R. Time Travel Through the Musical Decades? at the Community Centre Saturday night last.

The entire cast did a wonderful job of interpreting the music and the words, via mime and dance, of the last many decades. I was enormously proud to simply be a resident spectator to this cultural event in TR. And just think: as I walk the streets of town I will see and continue to greet ALL these wondeful performers, residents too of this dynamic community.

The community can celebrate ANOTHER landmark happening here in the ?little town that could?.

Well done.

Wayne Mann

PS: Thanks so much Mandy, for reminding me that I still had time to get myself a ticket.

Editor?s Note:. Except for three songs, all vocals in the production were recorded by Tumbler Ridge cast, not original recording artists.