Tumbler Ridge Gymnastics Annual General Meeting

September 30 2009 saw the first annual general meeting of the Tumbler Ridge Gymnastics Association since 2002. Roxanne Fowlow, the last remaining original board member, chaired the meeting which saw a small group of parents attending. Introductions of the instructor, Chad McDowell, were made along with his background in gymnastics and a brief history of the previous Tumbler Ridge Gymnastics Association. Discussions followed as to why the group would like to again have an association formed for this season. By forming an association the group would gain more funding opportunities as a non-profit organization.

Electing a new Board of Directors proved to be a little difficult with the number of attendees and a meeting October 5 will set the stage for electing a new president and vice president. Parents were given a brief outline for future activities and competitions for the group and possible additions made to the established program. With over 60 participants registered for this first program in seven years, this appears to be a successful organization within Tumbler Ridge, and a lot of ideas are being formed to make this group of athletes successful whatever their fitness goal is, whether competitive or recreational.

Fund raising efforts will start right away for the new Gymnastics Association with efforts being made toward a Christmas fund raising opportunity.

For more information regarding the gymnastics program in Tumbler Ridge or to volunteer for the new board of directors, please contact Chad McDowell at 250-257-1234