A committee was struck in 2005 to work on the Musical Ride project. As Crys White pointed out, we worked on the project for a year after receiving permission to be one of two host communities in British Columbia to have the Ride for 2006. Working together the committee; Crys White, Pauline Hendley, Bill Hendley, Cpl. Kurt Peats, Larry White, Harry Prosser, Cheryl Hayden, Michele Burton, and Loraine Funk, raised in excess of $40,000 for non-profit groups and organizations in the community. We were supported by a cast of, if not thousands, at least hundreds of individuals and businesses.

Some of the most memorable events leading up to the Musical Ride was the arrival of the big trucks, loaded with officers and horses, wheeling into the back parking lots at the Community Centre. The reception that Michele Burton arranged for the officers on the Friday night was beautifully done and still admired for its ?smooth as silk? at least on the surface, production.

The only problem with what should have been an unforgettable performance was the deluge of rain that the community experienced. In the years that Tumbler Ridge has enjoyed here, it has never rained like that in anyone?s memory, and hasn?t done so since.

Over the next few weeks we are going to visit our groups, and report back to the community on what the donations from the Musical Ride accomplished. The first of these is the Health Centre Foundation, and the report is by Gail Neumman and Bev Fournier. Their report includes purchases made with other donations, and spans a number of years.

The foundation welcomes new members, and if readers are interested in joining, please give Bev or Gail a call.



YEAR 2005 Donations:

Anonymous $ 240.00

William Cooksley 20.00

People?s Drug Mart 2500.00

Dino Days 500.00


Medichair $ 840.05

Oxygen Concentrator 1200.00

Blood Collection Chair 1791.52

YEAR 2006 Donations:

Hill computing Inc.$ 45.50

Liz Pearce 5.00

Margaret Ash 50.00


RCMP Musical Ride5000.00

E Chamberlain 100.00

Flo Stirling 5.00

Allan & Rita Sims 25.00

Duke Energy2500.00


Purchases: Doppler Audio Fetal Monitor $ 785.35

Holter Monitor 1830.79

RCMP MUSICAL RIDE ? 2006 At the time that the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation received the donation from the RCMP Musical Ride we were fund raising for a Holter Monitor for our Radiology Department. We received additional donations so we carried over the excess to our 2007 wish list. These donations enabled us to purchase a Vital Signs and Transport Monitor for the Emergency Department.

Thank you very much to the RCMP Musical Ride for their generous donation.

Bev Fournier, President

Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation

Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation 2007

We?ve had another great year!

Donations for 2007 were received from:

T.R. Lions Club2500.00

Shop Easy 516.30

Cathy Peterson 20.00

Elkvalley Coal 75.00

(Michael Ekins)

Rita & Allan Sims 50.00Peace Laird Medical Society 200.80

Al & Sue Ellen Johnson 50.00

Peoples Drug Mart 4375.00

T. R. District Employees 450.00

Bev Fournier 25.00

El-Ja Pressure Services Ltd.1000.00

Royal Canadian Legion #286500.00

Mike Caisley100.00

Shannon Engemoen100.00

All of these donations will go towards the purchase of our E.C.G. Machine this year.

In the memory of Keith Lucas we received donations from: Barb & Patrick MacEachern, Chuck, Justin & Colin MacEachern, Carl & Carmel Reid, Deborah Cook, Separate cash donations. Total donations came to $495.00. With these donations we purchased a T.E.N.S. machine (Trans-electrical Neuron Stimulator) for $307.35 and accessories for $60.53.

This year we also purchased a fridge for the lab $697.58, vital signs monitor $4611.55 and a transport monitor $12,642.23.

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations and to all of you who purchased items from our gift area in our clinic. Also thank you to all of you that donated your knitting and crafts for us to sell. The sales of these items go a long way in helping with our purchases. We had two new members join our foundation. Anyone wishing to join, please phone Gail at 242-5271 or Bev at 242-4803. The cost is $2.00 per year.