Tumbler Ridge holds Fireman?s Ball and Silent Auction

The Fireman?s Ball and Silent auction was revived this year after a 15 year lull. The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department decided to honour the 25th anniversary of Tumbler Ridge by bringing back this event. Everyone was welcome to purchase tickets for the event on September 22nd, that included cocktails, dinner, a silent auction and a dance.

There were approximately 75 people that attended. Although the numbers were lower than expected, a variety of people from the community attended, explained Fire Chief Dan Golob. Also in attendance were honorary members of the fire department from years ago, that are now living outside the community, said Golob.

An event like this takes a lot of planning and a lot of dedication from the individuals involved in order for it to be a success. There are many things that need to mesh together to create a night that runs smooth and efficiently.

The curling rink was the venue for the evening, which was tastefully transformed into a gold and red themed room by Angie Collison and Claudia Hunter. The setting was described as elegant, colourful and classy by Erin Hanna, who was there tending the bar with the Theatre on the Ridge, Drama Group. Hanna stated that although it looked sparse with the low numbers in attendance, everyone looked nice and was enjoying themselves.

Hanna, along with eight other people from Theatre on the Ridge, started off the evening serving cocktails at 6pm. The group was providing bar service as a fund raiser. They were open until 1am and according to Hanna, with the number of people in attendance, the bar was very successful. It was a jovial crowd, that had a good time dancing to the music.

Dinner was an elegant meal with full table service. Tables were set with proper stemware and flatware. The North Peace Secondary Culinary Arts Program, from Fort St. John, provided guests with efficient and delicious dinner service. Angie Collison said the food was her favourite part of the evening. She was impressed with the professionalism of the servers as well as the delicious food. Highlights for Collison were the herb crusted pork loin and the blue potatoes.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by Shady Junction, from Grande Prairie. ?Their music kept people dancing till 1am?, said Chief Golob. The band performed a variety of music in the light rock, classic rock and country genres. It was easy to listen to and easy to dance to.

The true purpose of the Fireman?s Ball was the main event of the evening, the Silent Auction. All proceeds from the auction will be going to the fire department?s charity, which is Muscular Dystrophy. The majority of the items for the auction were donated by local merchants. A helicopter tour/ride, a river boat tour, an iPod, as well as various clothing items were auctioned off during the evening. Chief Golob was extremely pleased with the auction. It ?exceeded all expectations?. A total of $4100.00 will be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The requirements of Formal Attire for the evening were definitely closer to ?tie required?. The label of ?formal? has the possibility of scaring people away. If you had an evening gown or a tuxedo hiding in your closet, you were welcome to wear it. The formal attire requirement for the event resulted in a well dressed crowd. Men were in suits and ties and the women wore dresses. It was a chance for everyone to get gussied up and those that attended, took the opportunity to do so.

The Fireman?s Ball is sure to be repeated in the years to come. Chief Golob was disappointed that the attendance was low. However, he feels that this year?s event will give insight on what worked and what didn?t in order to help plan for the future Fireman?s Ball and Silent Auctions.

The Tumbler Ridge Fire Department raised $4100 for MD at this years Ball. The fire department holds a boot drive during Grizfest which is an annual event. This year the department raised $2894.92 for MD.

The funds are sent to Vancouver and allocated from there for equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc), and other projects, for example, children?s camps. Donations can be made to the fire hall for MD, or by contacting Diana Van Dale, Chair or June Savard, Co-Chair.