Tumbler Ridge Hospice & Palliative Care

This letter is intended to recognize the efforts of our volunteers and members and marks another year of exemplary efforts by our people, and, particularly in the last few days of this year of 2006, GREAT news concerning our Hospice housing potential.

A record number of volunteers attended the 2006 Conference in Surrey, B.C. including Barb Schurekamp, Head Health Centre Nurse, and Mary Frizell, (Community Nurse ?Northern Health).

Funding from the District of Tumbler Ridge was received to cover part of the expenses for Child Education in the Schools regarding Palliative Care, and its associated grief scenarios were covered in several papers delivered at the Conference.

These conferences are of particular interest to all the Palliative Care Societies for multi-tasking of learned practices and up-dating of medical and psychological progress in our field, as well as operations of unit facilities and personnel within particular societies.

Major responses were received for a formal accreditation of volunteers, trained by the Society(s)- Canada wide- as recognition of specific attributes and values within the Health Care Systems.

Our latest workshop was in Prince George in which Ann and I participated in a very interesting application towards the portraying of a LIFE STORY of those wishing to leave behind a record of their journey through their years as well as hopes and wishes for their families and friends for their futures. As you may envision, this documentation is hugely personal. We intend to explore this very important aspect in January with a work-shop start-up here. Please give it serious thought for personal reasons as well as societal. The impact on the ?client? is remarkable, and, since life is a series of memories, this interest seems to rejuvinate them, and also to give meaning to a volunteer?s time, and dedication.

We, the TRHPC Society, are becoming a known participant within the Northern Health System, as well as other regional groups and our opinions and participation is acknowledged therein. This acknowledgement applies towards major funding and other applications towards the Healthy Community Living experiences. Our Town Council recognizes the application of Hospice and Palliative care in the community with funding part of our costs and also with the breaking NEWS of our Town?s receipt of the Co-op Properties consisting of 10 duplexes on Chamberlain Crescent.

Our Society was recently asked to present an application for inclusion in the apportioning of these units. This latest achievement marks our new Council?s dedication to Community Living (KUDU?s to them and the administrators for ?getting the job done? and MP and MLA also).

My meeting, last week, with Mayor Caisley, Councillor Larry White, and Admin. and Finance heads resulted in an extremely productive discussion regarding the potential of receiving one particular unit, which, on inspection, turned out to be a very large Unit ( three bedroom, two story with outside access to a full basement). There is private yard potential with new decking, fencing, furnace, wheel chair access etc all potentially paid for by B.C. Housing Corp. within the dedication to the Town contract.

Our Federal Tax allocation funds also can be then used for furnishing the Unit (if we are granted the Unit), as well as a reason for funding from Industry and Northern Health etc for continued operations of an existing Hospice feature within the Society. It also affords a meeting place, storage and office facilities badly so needed now.

No discussion as to lease cost has resulted yet. Formal deeding to the Town is anticipated to be January 02/07.

Please note that we are hoping for a volunteer to take on a training period for Coordinator ? now a paid position (per last meeting), beginning December 01/06 of $150.00 per month.

More than 60 persons attended the Annual Candlelight Ceremony earlier this month. Thanks to Reynor?s for their involvement and support. Many thanks to the Credit Union for their donation of $667 to the Society from the Christmas Stocking Fund.

On behalf of your executive, please have a safe, healthy and marvellous Christmas Season and New Year.

As you can see ? we all make a difference.