As we have covered in the past few months, there are few trained persons in our immediate community who have the skills and certification to look after those persons who require assistance due to illness or accident.

These requirements are necessary when family members, or friends, cannot adequately cover the needs of a family impacted with special, functional problems relating to physical operations which they are not able to provide themselves due to time. monetary, or physical reasons.

This need is not, necessarily solely due to age, as you can reason, and, perhaps, you have witnessed this need already in your life.

To cover this aspect of the overall requirements of a family faced with the choice of home care or hospital care, most will choose home, thanks!

The question is obvious ? who, where, and how much will it cost, if it is available.

Our Society has embarked upon the following initiatives:

1)Help to provide this training which is available through Northern Lights College Program(s). This is a B.C. Government Certified program to train persons in Home/Residential Care. It is a 25 week course and costs $2500 (approximately) per entry. The Society hopes to subsidize the training for this course by a percentage based upon the funds received from letters of interest sent to most businesses and corporations in the community as well as Industry in the region.

Funds for training are not available through the Grant in Aid process of the District of Tumbler Ridge


a. In order to allow the graduates of this program a wage that is compatible with the need and training, a guaranteed hourly wage would be possible with the subsidy available for families who are severely impacted with the rate x number of hours requested or required. This amount would, it is hoped, be approximately $20.00 per hour, with the contract being between the family and care- giver.

b. This fund would be administered by a Special Committee of three to five persons, two representing TRHPC Society, Health Professional ( M.D. or Home Care Nurse), and Town Council ?should funds be granted from the District.

c. Application of the subsidy, and amount, would be related to the financial condition of the applicant.

As we now are in a crisis position for these trained persons, time is the most important factor ? a six month training course delays the availability of trained assistance, so we must proceed now, today.

We do not have time for further studies, or delays because of indifference or ?the show me? syndrome.

We, the seniors and thoughtful family custodians, know what are needed ? trained persons, as well as structures and housing.

These two initiatives, it is hoped, that will encourage the residents of Tumbler Ridge, and their extended families to provide first rate solutions, and attention to the immediate future of their physical, and emotional, needs.

The support for these initiatives is to be gratefully acknowledged by the following Donor Honour Role:

1) Diamond: $1000.00 plus

2) Platinum: $500.00 to $999.00

3)Gold: $250.00 – $499.00

4)Silver: $100.00 – $249.00

5)Bronze: $50 – $99.00

To date, the following funds have been received, with thanks,

Diamond: Lake View Credit Union,

EnCana Corporation

Platinum: TR Inn: Blackwater Oil

and Gas

Gold: McElhanney Surveys ? the first

responder by return mail timing

Tumbler Ridge Saddle Club,

future promise from Poker Ride.

More to come?.

Donors, and potential Home Care trainees who wish to be included, please contact me, Doug Foerster, at

P.O. Box 1861, or the TRHPCS

Box # 1131.

Telephone please, at 242-5870. or Florence Stirling ?Vice President @ 242-5831,